Custom Search Forms

Create custom search forms for your site that search any post types, custom fields, taxonomies, or child pages!


This is a plugin that will allow you to create custom search forms that can be placed in any widget or content area on your site.  The results can be sorted by the custom fields being searched.  You can use a shortcode to display the form or there is a widget included.  The search used on this site uses Custom Search Forms.  Below is an example of the shortcode in action.

[ CSF_display_form formid="1" cssid="inline-search-1" ]

[CSF_display_form formid="1" cssid="inline-search-1"]


Screenshot 1:  This is a screen shot of the list of forms that have been created.  You can add/delete your forms from this screen.



Screenshot 2:  This is a screenshot of the form edit/creation screen. From here you set the various settings of your form.  You can restrict the form to only search specific post types, taxonomies, and children of pages.  You can also add and organize your search fields from this screen.




Screenshot 3:  This is a screenshot of the plugin settings page.


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